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Everything's huge in Texas: including Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs has been broadening the number of its employees at locations aside from New York and San Francisco for a long time now. While the primary motivation is to cut expenses, its workplaces in Texas are also the home of company systems that enhance earnings.

The Goldman Sachs Dallas and Irving workplaces have a combined headcount of more than 1,000 employees. Taken together, Dallas/Irving is the seventh-largest location worldwide and is the firms third-largest office situated in the United States, behind New York/New Jersey and Salt Lake City.

However, while Salt Lake City primarily houses support functions, 13 of its 16 departments including investment banking and securities are represented in Dallas/Irving. One of the largest departments there, however, is realty management, which works with the investment banking, securities and investment management departments on everything from realty loans on commercial and residential property to sourcing deals in the hospitality sector.

The firm s offices in Texas Dallas, Irving and Houston are a vital part of our international footprint, stated Thomas Dowling, the head of Irving office and CEO of the realty-management division at Goldman Sachs. In Dallas and Irving, crucial revenue-producing functions live in investment management, investment banking and securities, he stated.

Dallas/Irving offices offer proficiency in property, loaning, wealth management, equity sales and risk management.

Irving is likewise home to a number of finance, operations and technology experts who play vital functions in the firm s financing, control and risk management functions, Dowling said.

Recruitment for revenue-producing tasks

Irving was a natural place to develop a Goldman Sachs office because it was already seeded by a considerable variety of employees from Archon Group, a previous completely owned subsidiary of the firm. Archon was integrated in 2012 into various divisions throughout the firm, and a hiring push commenced virtually right away afterwards.

While the Texas office is very important for Goldman Sachs, present recruitment is mainly focused on New York and Salt Lake City. Of the 265 live functions in the Americas presently, simply 21 are in Dallas/Irving. Dowling states it’s a focus of recruitment at the bank both at a graduate and skilled level.

For school roles, the fall term is where we concentrate on the recruitment process, Dowling states. While a number of our school hiring efforts are focused on Texas-based schools, we look for talent across the U.S.

Last year, Goldman worked with students from schools in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Northeast areas and tempted them to Texas.

At the skilled level, Goldman recruits throughout the year. Many, predictably, are sourced from the local market, but Dowling insists it’s a desirable location.

The bulk of lateral hires are from within Texas, we are experiencing increased interest in transferring to Texas provided its many benefits, Dowling says.

New works with have actually moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex from states such as New York, Florida and Virginia last year.

Why Goldman Sachs is growing in Texas.

Goldman has actually previously specified its desire to end up being more of a regular bank and it has been hiring for investing and lending throughout numerous locations. In a November presentation, CFO Harvey Schwartz exposed that 41 % of Goldman s financing activity went to big corporates and 31 % went to abundant people.

Our stamina’s play well into the firm s technique to boost its position as a bank, Dowling says.

The Dallas area has actually become the centralized hub for the personal bank, with the Dallas and Houston personal bank loan book more than doubling since completion of 2012.

The area provides a growing economy and access to a robust and varied skill market, Dowling claims. Provided the high development rate of the Texas population, there is a huge skill base for skilled experts. Realty-management recruitment a top priority.


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